Future Falcons

Whether you are a high achieving student looking to be challenged and have the opportunity to advance at your own pace, a strong student that hasn’t connected or hasn’t been motivated in your studies, or a student that has struggled to advance your skills – all are welcome here. Here at JPEC, students have the opportunity to individualize their learning.


Ready to be a Falcon?

Typical Student Day

Our students follow individualized program pathways which allows for individualized scheduling, this means that there is no “standard schedule” that fits every student.

Our school opens at 7:30am for those students that need to arrive early. We do offer a morning program that is just a quiet space to study before the first block begins. Classes begin at 9:00am and blocks run for 85 minutes each. Students will participate in Focus Group midway through the morning and will have 30 minutes for lunch. Our school day ends at 4:30pm.

Many of our students participate in athletics, clubs, and organizations after that 4:30pm time or during the morning program time before classes begin. Depending upon your schedule, you may be traveling between classes within Justin Whiting Hall (Main JPEC Campus) or you may be traveling around campus to various buildings.

Sample Schedules

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Dual Enrollment